The Importance of Fellowship These Days

Most people get tangled with the stresses they encounter in their lives that they fail to worship and seek God. In this day and age, no matter how busy life gets, making time for fellowship is something that you should consider. At any time of the day, you can always make time for fellowship with others who seem ordinary in your life at first. This life-changing experience often happens between different people who share the same faith. During these unexpected meet-ups, you share some food as well as some conversation with random people. Little do you realize that you are now tearing up and laughing with these seemingly unknown people to you as the hours pass by. In the end, these same people including yourself are excited to hear about God through you and what He is about to do.

As the days go by that you see the same people in the church and form a fellowship with them, you treat them more than your friends but now, your family. Being in fellowship does not mean that you have to always be similar with the others. If you get to know the people in your fellowship, some are working while some may still be studying. It does not matter what differences each of you have because at the end of the day, you are excited to see how God will use you and lead you to the right path. When you are part of a fellowship, you will realize that life is impossible without other people with you on your journey no matter how hard it is to be together.

Being in fellowship is must like how the early church felt right after Jesus’ ascension into heaven. Even if these people had differences, they all shared the same sentiments when they lost that one Person who came to unite them all. However, rather than drifting apart, they chose to stay together. Their devotion to bring each one close to God became visible.

As a churchgoer, you need to make use of fellowship as you devote your time to God. It is important that you choose to be involved with others each day because life is supposed to be lived in community. The early churchgoers were excellent in their devotion to God because they understood quite well that their lives were always meant for sharing. Many people find it difficult to seek God consistently because they walk alone. As much as possible, you must have some people with you who will be there for you during your lows and not just during your highs. You must always remember these things, especially if your days are full of fear and darkness or life takes you on an unexpected wild ride.

You will have to deal with the challenging times of staying away from the fellowship, thinking that it is much easier for you to be alone and resolve your issues on your own. And yet, you will learn that the only way to revive your faith is to have people who will be there to listen to your problems and believe God along with you. You can celebrate and work through issues of your life through fellowship.

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