Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important digital marketing techniques. It involves changing on-site and off-site content to make websites look more authoritative and appealing to search engines like Google, Bing, and others. Business owners should note that there are two main kinds of SEO.

The first is called enterprise SEO, or national SEO. The second is local SEO. This article will outline the primary differences between these two types of optimization to make it clear why it’s best to hire an expert capable of performing both.

Geographic Area

Local SEO is associated with physical, brick-and-mortar buildings, so it focuses on improving search engine performance for localized queries. Enterprise SEO does not consider geographic areas, which makes it better for businesses that have multiple locations or operate online stores. SEO experts use different keywords depending on which type of audience their client is trying to attract.

Chosen Strategies

There are many strategies for optimizing websites. Local SEO strategies include link building on a local level, submission of information to local directories, and review or reputation management. Enterprise SEO focuses on content expansion and external link building.

Level of Competition

Since local SEO practices focus on attracting attention based on clients’ geographic areas, there is less competition. Experts will incorporate more long-tail keywords when creating content for local pages. These keywords tend to be less popular because they’re more specialized, and thus less competitive, than short-tail keywords, but they work great for targeting customers or clients in the area who use geographic locations as search terms.

Available Tools

Business owners trying to improve their local rankings can use tools like Google Adwords keyword planner, local citation finders, local SEO checklists, and review trackers. Those optimizing websites for franchises or online businesses can use tools like Google Webmaster, Conductor Searchlight, SEO Clarity, and webpage tests. These tools allow site owners to monitor progress and manage the optimization process.

The Best Solution

Today, even brick-and-mortar stores usually sell goods online as well. The best solution for these business owners is to work with a denver seo agency that can use a combination of local and enterprise SEO strategies to provide maximum results.

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